Platipus® Civil Anchor Systems

Platipus percussion driven mechanical anchors are a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. 

It offers a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground level using the conventional portable equipment. It creates a minimal disturbance of the soil during installation, can be stressed to an exact holding capacity and made fully operational immediately. As a completely dry system is also has minimal environmental impact. 

Stress distribution and bearing capacity

The stress distribution in front of a loaded anchor can be modelled using foundation theory. The ultimate performance of an anchor within the soil is defined by the load at which the stress concentration immediately in front of the anchor exceeds the bearing capacity of the soil. 

Platipus anchors perform exceptionally well in a granular / non-cohesive soil, displaying short load lock and extension characteristics, a broad frustum of soil immediately in front of the anchor and extremely high loads.

Stiff cohesive soils, such as boulder clays, can also give outstanding results. However, weaker cohesive soils, like soft alluvial clays, can result in long load lock and extension distances and a small frustum of soil in front of the anchor. Consequently, these conditions require a larger size of the anchor and if possible a deeper driven depth to achieve design loads.


Platipus® is a Registered Trademarks of Platipus Anchor, registered in England.

Platipus Anchor Tensioning

Try our interactive load locking process demonstration.

Use your mouse to navigate the scene, click, drag and zoom around at your own pace. Click on the numbers to further inspect the process.

Please note: This is only a conceptual overview of the load locking process and assumes the anchor driving is already complete.

Benefits & Features

Factors that will affect the ultimate performance of the anchor include:


Anchor Grade
S6 SG Iron Anchor
S8 SG Iron Anchor
B4 SG Iron Anchor
B6 SG Iron Anchor
B8 SG Iron Anchor
B10 SG Iron Anchor

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