Platipus® Buoyancy Control Anchoring System

The Platipus percussion driven earth anchors offer a lightweight corrosion resistant anchor that can be driven from ground level using conventional portable equipment.

It creates minimal disturbance in the soil during installation; can be stressed to an exact holding capacity and made fully operational  immediately. As a completely dry system it also has minimal impact on the environment.  

The Platipus Buoyancy Control Anchoring System has a number of attachments and tensioning devices to connect to the pipe or tank being anchored. This is a quick and cost effective way to prevent structures floating when installed in areas with high ground water.


Platipus® and PDEA® are Registered Trademarks of Platipus Anchor, registered in England.

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CSIRO Birdcage Refurbishment, Canberra

As part of the refurbishment of a protective netting for research and development for growing wheat in Australia, Platipus anchoring systems were used to secure and hold down a large netting protection arrangement against rodents and vermin.

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