Plati-Drain™ Horizontal Drainage Systems

Plati-Drain™ is a unique patented solution that reduces pore water pressure within clay slopes and behind retaining walls.


Water saturation, due to heavy rainfall and insufficient drainage, leads to the softening of clay soils within slopes and increases hydraulic forces behind earth retaining structures.

Plati-Drain™ is a unique patented solution that reduces pore water pressure within clay slopes and behind retaining walls. Unlike conventional weep holes Plati-Drain provides deep penetration, this can be in excess of 10m / 33′. It can also help prevent shallow or deep seated slope failures.

Available as a ‘Passive’ or ‘Active’ solution. The ‘Passive’ system uses a sacrificial anchor head to drive the Plati-Drain™ into its optimum position providing an immediate channel for water to drain.
The ‘Active’ system has an additional wire tendon attached to the anchor which allows it to be load locked, providing simultaneous draining and restraining capability.


  • Fast and efficient to install 
  • No drilling mess
  • Can be used as an active anchor 
  • Cost effective 
  • Can be installed with small hand equipment for restricted sites

Horizontal Drainage Systems


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