Slope Stabilisation Geothermal Station, Taupo

We were charged with finding a product which was able to retain the gravel filling and be cosmetically appealing while keeping within the budget. SurePave® was the perfect solution to this ground reinforcement and gravel retainment challenge.


Hawkins Construction


Mighty River Power


Wairakei, Taupo

Seeing as the existing ground was pumice, SurePave® was laid on a geotextile weedmat to keep weeds out and prevent the water from migrating underneath the pavers and scouring out the ground.

SurePave® is able to sustain steep gradients and provides an excellent reinforcement where gravel would normally entrophy. The SurePave® was simply cut using a circular saw to fit around the remaining obstacles.


“Our company was responsible for providing surfacing within a new Geothermal Power station. We had a narrow range of surfacing options available due to Client and Environmental requirements imposed. The site was also difficult with many plinths requiring a cut to shape solution. From the products reviewed on the market place we felt SurePave® provided the highest quality and best value product out there. Being made in NZ from recyclable plastic was another added bonus.”

– Project Manager

Products used in this project


SurePave® – the Heavyweight in Permeable Paving for reinforcing grass or gravel where a permeable or porous surface is required.