Retaining Wall & Erosion Protection - Tweed River, NSW


Crosana Pty Ltd


Sheehy & Partners Consulting Engineers


Tweed River, NSW

Product Used

Platipus B4 Anchor Systems
The project involved providing further stability and erosion control to an existing 12m long x 2m high retaining wall adjacent to a private property on the River Tweed in NSW.


The consultant designed a 2m high anchor tie-back shotcrete (Natracliff style finish) retaining wall. Two levels of Platipus B4 Anchor Systems were installed at 2m centres along the 12m length of wall. The passive ‘Design’ Loads of the anchor systems were 20kN (2t).


Twenty Platipus B4 Anchor Systems were installed to depths of 3m by mechanical means and utilising a hand-held jack hammer. Each Anchor System was tensioned, load locked and tested to a ‘30kN’ Proof Load. The vertical wall face was finished with a Natracliff style shotcrete.

The Platipus anchoring systems were chosen and deployed for the following main features & benefits:

  • Mechanical installation using a hand-held jack hammer for a difficult access project site
  • All Platipus B4 anchor systems were installed and instantly load verified in two days
  • Environmental contamination to the adjacent river course and surrounding area was minimised by designing and installing ‘dry’ mechanical earth anchor systems, no grouting measures necessary!
  • A Natracliff style shotcrete proving a more natural looking wall face

Products used in this Project


Platipus® – Civil Anchor Systems

Platipus percussion driven mechanical anchors are a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions.