Platform Remedial Works - Railway Station, Rosewood, QLD


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Queensland Rail


Railway Station, Rosewood, Queensland

Since it was built and modified in the Sixties, the west end of the Down Main platform has subsided up to 20cm.


Cirtex Australia worked alongside Queensland Rail in providing a permanent anchoring solution to stabilise the platform wall. Anchor Working Loads of 11kN at 1m centre locations were determined to provide stability to the existing platform wall.

The remedial works was carried out during a 12 hour working window (railway possession works). During this working window, 200mm diameter holes were cored into the existing 300mm think concrete platform wall to facilitate driving a total of 16no. Platipus B4 anchors and tendons up to 6m depths, load locked and tested to the required Proof Loads of 20kN. 

The Platipus Earth Anchoring System was chosen as the preferred solution to stabilise the platform wall and provided the following main features & benefits. 

  • ‘Buildability’ & Ease of Installation
  • The works could be successfully completed in the 12 hour working window
  • The Platipus anchor system and installation equipment was available with full on-site support being provided by Cirtex Australia during installation 
  • Overall cost savings over traditional solutions

Products used in this Project


Platipus® – Civil Anchor Systems

Platipus percussion driven mechanical anchors are a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions.