Edward Street Upgrade



Brisbane City Council


Brisbane City Council, City Projects Office


Treescape Australia


Edward St, Brisbane City

The Edward Street upgrade project is taking the already renowned home of high end retail to a truly world class destination and pedestrian boulevard.

The Brisbane City Council committed $11.4 Million to this extensive streetscape upgrade which includes new granite paving, creative lighting, public artwork and large trees etc.


To add instant value, not only in aesthetics, but environmental and potentially property value benefits, tall 7-10m Agathis Robusta (Queensland Kauri Pine) trees we included in the design. Click here to see the additional benefits of planting larger trees.

Agathis Robusta’s grow straight and tall making them an ideal choice for the urban environment as the don’t spread widely and interfere with buildings and vehicles.


Cirtex was onsite to assist with the tree installation and being in the Heart of Brisbane City these were done by night shift to minimize disruptions. Although there were a number of underground services that had to be worked around the use of the Deadman system ensured there were no surprises at the time critical installation window and the installation ran smoothly.

Products used in this project

Deadman Anchor System by Platipus

Designed to satisfy the requirements of a specialist market, traditional deadmen systems have enabled Platipus to offer effective solutions for planting in difficult urban environments, where services may be a problem.