Canberra Airport Development, ACT, Australia - SurePave™


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Canberra International Airport


Canberra International Airport, ACT, Australia


SurePave was chosen for this high-profile development in order to create a free-draining, pothole-free, grassed surface, which was able to withstand heavy turning vehicles.

It was able to bare the weight of the big 35 tonne Bronto fire tower (see photo), leaving no damage to the surface.

SurePave is designed to give a structure beneath the surface which is able to spread the load to the base below.

This minimises compaction and eliminates pot holes and ponding.

The result is a visually pleasing, durable and functional landscape which lasts for many years.

Products used in this Project


SurePave™ – Grass and Gravel Reinforcement

SurePave permeable paving panels are the ideal solution for reinforcing grass or gravel in highly stressed areas including vehicle parking areas, driveways, paths, golf courses, beach access ways, parks or hard stand areas for boats and caravans.