Civil Case Studies

Cirtex Anchors Floating Solar Panels

Floating Solar Panel Farm – Lismore, NSW

May 18, 2018

The Lismore Floating Solar Panel Farm located in northern New South Wales is currently (April 2018) the largest floating solar installation in Australia. The 100kW floating solar farm is installed...

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Etham Avenue, Darling Point, Sydney

April 26, 2018

An existing masonry retaining wall, up to 2.5m in height and built in the 1970’s, was showing signs of instability. Cirtex Australia with the Engineer, MYD Consulting, developed a remedial...

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Cranbrook Road – Sydney

September 15, 2017

The Cranbrook road location in Sydney was a private residence where Platipus® anchoring systems were used as part of a comprehensive temporary works solution.  Two upper levels of Platipus®...

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Chirnside Park – Melbourne

September 14, 2017

A 400m length of mechanically strengthened earth (MSE) embankments with polymer geogrid reinforcement (up to 5m in height) were constructed in 2015. In early 2017 additional stability measures...

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Remediating retaining walls 4

Linden Park School – Adelaide

August 17, 2017

A dry-stone retaining wall, up to 2.5m in height and built in the 1960’s, was showing signs of bulging and failing. A Platipus Anchoring Solution, an alternative to completely demolishing and...

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Crane Foundation – Cascade, Brisbane

March 14, 2016

Design & Construction CostinRoe designed a jib crane baseplate and footing incorporating 4no. Platipus B6 Anchor Systems. 200mm diameter core holes were initially drilled into a 300mm thick...

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