Working as a team is key in this industry, and the Cirtex team are passionate about your project.

Richard Judd

Managing Director

Michael Sorensen

Civil and Geotech Engineer

Dave Markham

Business Development Manager

Bryan Chen

Civil and Geotech Engineer

Mark Suckling

Architectural Business Development

Abby Beatson

Customer Service

Larry Judd

Solutions Engineer

Lyndon Suckling

Merchant Account Manager

Elise Herd

Executive Assistant

Edward Judd

Operations & Logistics

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Platipus earth anchors for utility poles, pylons and towers

11 Apr 2017

Why is there a need for earth anchoring? And what are the best solutions for the many types of utility structures? Towers, poles and pylons for utilities by their very nature and application are...

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Death by Concrete – Better Paver Edge Solutions

21 Feb 2017

The use of a concrete haunch to support paver edges is long accepted as normal, a cut and paste ‘standard detail’. Its function is obvious and a common way to prevent movement of the edge...

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